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Granpa System Engineering

We have inherited the technology of the Granpa Dome which developed the world's first system to efficiently produce vegetables inside a cultivation facility by Air Supported Structure, and we are company that established with the goal of spreading to overseas.
In recent years, in Japan, the spread of vegetable factories has progressed and the technology has rapidly developed at the same time. As you all know, the influence of the climate change is getting more and more serious. The northern limit of cultivation of crops goes northward, it is difficult to stabilize production by damaging agricultural crops exposed to torrential rain, heat waves, drying etc. which are not in record so far. While weare being threatened by these abnormal weather every year, it is exactly what it is for us, that the spotlighthas come to be hit by a plant factory that is not affected by the external environment.
In Japan, technological innovation of artificial lighting type plant factories is progressing compared with foreign countries, but we have adopted the concept of "agriculture utilizing greatly the blessings of nature without imposing burden on the environment". We will strive to develop sunlight-based cultivation facilities so thatit will exceed the flourishing Dutch technologies.
We hope everyone participates in a large-scale project aimed at spreading solar-lighted cultivation factories around the world.

Granpa System Engineering Co., Ltd.
Keisuke Abe, CEO